Starting from May 2020 you may see the following screen when trying to connect / login to Adios:

Can we fix this?

You certainly can.

All you need to do is to add Adios as a Trusted App for your organization (note: you may need your GSuite Admin to do this for you).

The animation above shows you how, and the instructions below explain it step-by step:

  • login to or
    (note: you may need your GSuite Admin to do this for you)
  • go to "Security"
  • go to "Access and data control"
  • go to "API controls"
  • click "Add app".
  • choose "OAuth App Name or Cliend ID"
  • and paste in the following OAuth2 Client Id:
  • click "Add".
  • check that the "App Name" that appears is "Adios".
  • mark "Adios" as "Trusted".
  • and you're done!

What if I'm not using GSuite for my email?

If you're not using GSuite for your email (i.e. your Gmail address ends in @gmail), Google have decided to block this from working and then there is unfortunately very little we can do :(

Why is this happening?

You may have seen the Cambridge Analytica scandal that shook the world last year. Well, we imagine Google are very keen to avoid such a similar data-protection incident with their own products, so they have announced that all Google Apps must undergo a security assessment, or they will be marked as "unverified".

This all sounds very reasonable, until they mention that the assessment has to be conducted by one of 3 Google-chosen assessment providers, and that the assessment will cost between $15,000-$75,000 per App. Oh, and the App developer has to pay (more info here).

While we'd love to see Adios continue to grow (we've already had some fantastic coverage, including #1 on HackerNews, 5 stars on ProductHunt, multiple features in TheNextWeb and wild viral growth among the Dutch!), Adios is a labour of love and we make literally not 1 cent from running this service. So unfortunately, right now, we just can't justify investing $15,000-$75,000 in this security assessment.

Our ultimate goal is to open-source Adios so you can run it yourself, but until we get around to that (we're currently crazy busy making our data tool,, super awesome) we want to keep Adios available for everyone who wants to keep using it (we know we do!).

Any other questions?

Get in touch ([email protected]).

We love to hear from you.